vendor risk

supply chains are the lifeblood of business, but present challenges & risks.
Its never been more important to know who your dealing with & often relying on. 

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vendor risk

This program provides a framework and introductory assessment of the best practice principles of good Vendor Risk management. 

It’s an assessment that produces and automated risk report with score for remediation purposes, supported by a library of resources and materials to help SMEs and particularly supply chains understand and mitigate the risk associated with 3rd party vendor management. 

program features

vendor risk assessment details

  • 4 Components
  • automated Assessment
  • Risk report with recommendation
  • Library of downloadable resources
  • 24/7 online access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • certified gold or silver – *on successful completion >30% risk score

1: statutory & regulatory
2: risk management
3: cyber security
4: data protection

  • management and leadership
  • cyber hygiene
  • privacy and data posture
  • physical and logical security
  • people and processes
  • quality controls and delivery
  • an operational knowledge of supply chains & associated vendor risk.
  • A desire to mitigate 3rd party vendor risk.
  • Board members, business owners and managers responsible for the administration and improvement of business processes.
  • businesses who wish to advance their professional development.

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