freemium means just that. Always free programs and tools, with lite & premium features for more mature businesses. 

freemium = always freelitepremium &premium +

Budget shouldn't compromise security & integrity

Our Free programs are really free, and always will be. They provide an introduction & framework for businesses to better manage cyber security, data protection, risk management & professional business practices.  At the end you receive a certificate of completion.

Our Lite programs are a little more sophisticated, and allow businesses to measure themselves against best practice standards at their own pace.  At the end you also receive a certificate of completion. 

Our Premium programs follow the same structure & flow as our /lite programs, but are more detailed in nature.  Ideal for more mature businesses looking for a more sophisticated solution, leading to visible certification

With features that are faster and cheaper than legacy institutions & in line with more enterprise exercises in business performance, culture, compliance & certification… this is a game changer for SMEs & supply chains 🚀


free always
  • includes:
  • 1 x user
  • all free programs
  • unlimited assessments
  • risk report w/score
  • digital library
  • support & live chat *
  • certificate of completion

ideal for startups, micro and small businesses.


$99 . p/yr
  • includes:
  • 1 x user
  • All Free & lite programs
  • Unlimited assessments
  • risk reports w/scores
  • Digital library
  • support & live chat *
  • certificate of completion

ideal for startups, micro & small businesses.


$ 470 p/yr
  • includes:
  • 1 x user
  • All free & lite features +
  • all *Premium Programs
  • premium assessments
  • premium reports
  • premium certification
  • standards mapping

ideal for mature smes looking to scale.

premium +

$ 1470 p/yr
  • includes:
  • 1 x user
  • all premium features +
  • 6 hours coaching:
  • strategy & preparation
  • assessment remediation
  • checks & balances
  • accountability

ideal for entrepreneurs in need of guidance.

premium certification requirements

Premium Program completion >30% risk score

Premium Program completion >30% risk score 
PLUS + Independent certification from a third party of an industry, national or international standard

But wait, there’s more! 

We’ll throw in a set of steak knives, a digital media kit and this amazing certificate for you to show the world you’re a trusted provider. (nb: steak knives may not be included).