Manufacturer Risk Assessment /Premium

avoid the time, cost, and information barriers of external party diagnostics.

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manufacturer risk assessment

Managers of many small to medium scale manufacturing organisations face the difficult daily challenge of coordinating a myriad of different business functions.  Those managers often have to be a jack-of-all-trades as business scale won’t support having specialists in each functional area.  In such situations, the ability to take a balcony view can be lost as managers are constantly working in the business and have little time take an objective overview.

This risk assessment has been developed to allow manufacturers to self-evaluate their business without the time, cost, and information barriers of a comprehensive diagnostic conducted by an external party.  The purpose of this program is to provide an objective overview in a practical manner to stimulate management thinking about where to focus attention for the betterment of their business performance.

This Program provides a framework and assessment of the best practice principles of good business management within the manufacturing industry.  The Manufacturer Risk Assessment is a step by step framework of information, self-assessment, risk report with score for remediation, supported by a library of resources and materials to help businesses demonstrate an awareness of and commitment to best practice business management.

Program Features

automated assesment
risk report w/score
certificate of completion
digital global library
24/7 online access
  • 7 Components
  • Detailed Self Assessment
  • Detailed Risk report with analytics
  • Library of downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certified 1-5 *
  • 24/7 access

1: financial situation and performance
2: financial management
3: operations
4: cyber and data
5: the market
6: strategic direction
7: capability

  • accounting and credit controls
  • governance protocols
  • licensing requirements
  • physical health and safety
  • mental health and safety
  • management and leadership
  • risk framework
  • communications
  • cyber hygiene
  • privacy and data posture
  • physical and logical security
  • people and processes
  • quality controls and delivery
  • Basic knowledge of computers and IT in the workplace is needed
  • A desire to understand and mitigate modern cyber risks is needed.
  • Board members, business owners, managers and employees responsible for the administration and safekeeping of sensitive information.
  • Individuals who wish to advance professional development.

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