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cyber security is about mitigating RISK… technical and MAN MADE. 
taking a human approach to cyber strategy is essential.  

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cyber games

The Cyber Games Challenge gamifies a 10 Stage Cyber Security learning framework of international best practice standards for employees, members and stakeholders, and make it fun along the way.  Each stage has a short video and infographic, followed by a short assessment to make sure they weren’t asleep at the wheel. 

A certificate of completion is provided to all who complete the challenge, which can be revisited annually for businesses in need of visible cyber training records.  For businesses who really want to incentive participation, we recommend offering a prize.  #ipad? 

challenge features

cyber games challenge details

  • 10 components of “Lets Prep / Lets Play”
  • Library of downloadable resources
  • 24/7 online access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

1: Cyber Security Basics
2: NIST Framework
3: Physical Security
4: Ransomware
5: Phishing
6: Business Email Impostors
7: Tech Support Scams
8: Vendor Security
9: Email Authentication
10: Securing Remote Access

  • How to protect your equipment, data, devices & wifi networks.
  • How to make smart security business as normal.
  • How to identify, protect, detect, respond & recover.
  • Why physical security is critical & how to train employees.
  • How ransomware happens & how to protect yourself.
  • How phishing works and what you can do.
  • How to prevent business email impostors.
  • How a tech support scam works.
  • How to minimise 3rd party security risk.
  • What is email authentication & what to do if you are spoofed.
  • How to connect remotely to a network.
  • What to do if you’re attacked or scammed.
  • Basic knowledge of computers and IT in the workplace is needed.
  • A desire to understand and mitigate modern cyber risks is needed.
  • Board members, business owners, managers & staff responsible for the administration and safekeeping of sensitive information
  • Individuals and businesses who wish to advance their professional development.

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