To understand the related business risk, directors and staff alike need to first understand the cyber essentials. This program does just that. 

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In this uber connected modern global economy, the effective and efficient management of IT resources in a business is essential, not to mention compliance with ever evolving regulatory requirements.  The Essential 8 Mitigation Strategies published by the Australian Cyber Security Centre, and the Cyber Essentials initiative by the United kingdoms National Cyber Security Centre are two of many international best practice resources a director should consider when considering an Information Technology management strategy.

Whilst the finer details remain the domain of the CTO, CIO, IT Manager or consultant, governance and oversight begins with an understanding of the current state of affairs.  The pace of digital change only complicates matters, and so CertifiedBy’s Cyber Essentials Program provides a high level overview of the fundamentals of good cyber hygiene and data posture.  An online resource to learn (and return to re-learn) the parameters through which a director (and boards) are required to measure performance and improvement.

This Program provides 5 ways of understanding the cyber challenges businesses face today.  It provides a high level view of the many components of a digital footprint, and the cyber risks associated.  Supported by a library of resources and materials to help leaders grow, this place is your home for learning and future reference.

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  • 5 Components
  • Library of downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
  • How to secure your internet connection.
  • How to secure your devices and software.
  • How to implement an acceptable use policy.
  • How to secure access to your data and services.
  • How to secure from viruses and malware.
  • Board members, business owners, managers and employees responsible for the administration and safekeeping of sensitive information.
  • Individuals who wish to advance professional development.

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