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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. 
Show your people & your clients you can respond to this crisis. 

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covid-safe business recovery

Planning and preparation for global health emergencies can help to protect employees, customers and the business, but plans are only as good as their execution.  Companies should use the current situation with Covid-19 to optimize and battle-test their plans. 

These capabilities will prove invaluable as the emergence of this global pandemic, or another agent in the future, is not a matter of “if” but “when”. Stay positive, stay safe and stay smart.

program features

program features

covid-safe business recovery program details

  • 9 Components
  • Self Assessment
  • Risk report with score
  • Library of downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • certificate of completion

1: minimizing exposure – are we doing everything we can to mitigate the risk?
2: working remotely – if possible, how prepared are we to manage remote staff?
3: business travel – what’s our position around local and international business travel?
4: people policies – are our policies appropriate, known and complied with?
5: communications – how effective is your ability to communicate with everyone, fast?
6: incident response – how prepared are we to respond to an incident in our workplace?
7: training – have we done enough to build awareness and preparedness?
8: remediation – policies, procedures, contracts, insurance and supply chain for a start.
9: moving forward – where to from here? take this new found understanding to do something special.

  • policies and procedures
  • governance, risk and compliance
  • ongoing monitoring & risk assessment
  • training & remediation
  • Knowledge of the business, the vision, the plan and management.
  • A genuine desire to learn and improve.
  • Board members, business owners and managers responsible for the administration and safekeeping of sensitive information
  • Individuals and businesses who wish to advance their professional development.

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