The Business Improvement Program provides a framework and assessment of the best practice principles of good business management.

1. Cyber Basics2. NIST Framework3. Physical Security4. Ransomware5. Phishing6. Email Impostors7. Tech Support8. Vendors9. Authentication10. Remote Access

The BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT Program is a step by step framework of information, self-assessment, risk report and remediation recommendations, supported by a library of resources and materials to help businesses demonstrate an awareness of and commitment to best practice business management.

This program includes:

– 5 Components
– Self Assessment
– Risk report with recommendations
– Library of downloadable resources
– Full lifetime access
– Access on mobile and TVs


Assessment Criteria:

– Planning & purpose
– SWOT analysis
– Resource allocation
– Budgets and financials
– Stock management
– Credit procedures
– Cash flow and asset registers
– Vendors and suppliers
– Recruitment, HR and payroll
– Statutory and regulatory compliance
– Licensing and legal
– Cyber security and data protection
– Insurance and disaster recovery
– Security and risk management


Program content:

1: Planning – Plan your work, then work your plan. This applies to every part of your business, and is essential for sustainable
2: Financial – Money matters, and so does getting paid. Don’t let this area be your downfall, it really matters.
3: Human Resources – Your people are everything. Make sure they know it and treat them accordingly.
4: Legal – The regulatory environment for business has never been more challenging. At a minimum make sure your know your legal stuff.
5: Technology – In this uber connected and fast paced modern world, innovation, technology and productivity is everything.



– Knowledge of the business, the vision, the plan and management is needed.
– A desire to learn and improve is needed.


Who this program is for:

– Business owners, managers and employees responsible for the administration and safekeeping of sensitive information.
– Individuals who wish to advance professional development.



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Last Updated: November, 2019

Language: English