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Certified By was born from a small business’ need to compete in the modern global economy

Recent #covid events highlight the need for effective risk management, and we just happened to build the platform for its time. 

With challenges coming from all angles, where do small and medium sized business’ and nonprofits in particular start
How do startups build solid foundations, family businesses evolve and nonprofits demonstrate compliance? 

Our vision for business revolves around constant learning, transparent improvement and building trust, for free. A world with clear, consistent and reasonable privacy, cyber, data, governance, risk and compliance standards would also go a long way.

So, we built just that. 

<   The tools and resources for (particularly) SMEs and nonprofits to minimise risk and power growth.

<   A framework of free (and premium) programs, with assessments, reports, remediation and certification options to embrace and demonstrate best practice standards.  

<   An accreditation registry (in beta) that recognizes all international, national and industry standards, for real time insights & access to a world of certified businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

We’re building a public utility and compliance bureau, on top of a permissioned accreditation registry, inspired by a blockchain vision.


To reduce the cost and complexity of digital and regulatory transformation, and repetitive procurement practices.

Protect your business

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Business Recovery



Cyber Essentials
for Business



Cyber Games
for Employees


Learn and Grow

Free, Lite and Premium online programs for business to measure themselves againts international best practice standards of governance, risk, compliance, privacy, cyber & data management. 

Includes access to media library and resources.

The Problem

cyber & data protection

reputational risks are at an all time high

regulatory environment

has never been more demanding


of service providers are evolving

enterprise only

there are no SME dedicated solutions

supply chain compliance

is extremely expensive and repetitive

procurement practices

is unnecessarily complicated for smes

The Headlines

The Solution


FREE and premium programs - assess, report, remediate & certify at your own pace

resilient teams & workplaces

adapt to and conquer the new normal we find ourselves in

macro &

a dedicated hub, digital library & specialised learning for improvement

a digital

intuitive tools & resources to empower, control & accelerate growth

& quality

Software-as-a-service management for responsible entrepreneurs


subject matter experts to assist with remediation, audit & certification

How it Works


Our Free, Lite and Premium Programs provide frameworks for businesses to better manage privacy, cyber, data, governance, risk and compliance standards.

Each Program is made up of Components with Sections, that provide a Self-Assessment and Risk Report



When you complete a program you receive a Risk Report to visualise your results

Our reports are made for easy reading and help identify remediation priorities with an Overall Risk Score, and risks categorised low-medium-high.

It’s simple… the LOWER your Overall Risk Score the better a business you are 👍



When you complete a program, remediate risks identified, reassess and apply for certification, it’s your overall risk score that determines your #CBcertified level, as per the details below. 

Once certified you’re then listed on the Accreditation Registry, as a real time verifiable record of your credentials

be #CBcertified

Program Completion with an Overall Risk Score of 0 – 10% 

PLUS + Independent CERTIFICATION of a relevant industry, national of international standard

PLUS + Independent PHYSICAL audit to verify risk report findings

Program Completion with an Overall Risk Score of 11 – 20% 

PLUS + Independent PHYSICAL audit to verify risk report findings

Program Completion with an Overall Risk Score of 21 – 30% 

PLUS + Independent PHYSICAL audit to verify risk report findings

Program Completion with an Overall Risk Score of 31 – 40% 

PLUS + Independent VIRTUAL audit to verify risk report findings

Program Completion with an Overall Risk Score of 41 – 50%

PLUS + Independent VIRTUAL audit to verify risk report findings

With Features that are faster and cheaper than legacy institutions & in line with more enterprise exercises in business performance, culture, compliance & certification, this is a game changer for SMEs & nonprofits 🚀

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